Club Teams/Jr. Academy
Club fees reflect a full year commitment, and deposits are non-refundable.  However, if a player leaves their club team or Jr. Academy program, their associated fees will be pro-rated under conditions the Board of Directors determines are extenuating.    

Club Uniforms
Uniforms are subject to the return policy of WeGotSoccer, as all club uniforms are purchased and delivered through WeGotSoccer.

Day Camps/Skills Programs
Individuals will receive a full refund if they withdraw prior to the start of the program they had registered for.   Individuals who withdraw while the camp/skills program is in progress will have their invoice adjusted for the time the individual participated in the program, and if paid in full, will be refunded the difference.  If the invoice has not been paid in full even after the prorated adjustment, the individual will owe the balance on the invoice.

Residential/Overnight Camps and Training Academy Camps
Seacoast United’s residential/overnight camps and Training Academy retain a non-refundable deposit upon registration.  If a player withdraws prior to the start of camp, they will receive a refund for the amount paid to date over and above the deposit amount.  If the player withdraws while the camp is in progress, their camp tuition will be prorated for the time they had participated in the program, and they will be refunded the difference (above the non-refundable deposit amount for that program).

Last updated April 9th, 2018